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Aurous Digital is a social connection program that enhances the lives of seniors by supporting them to be happy, healthy, and socially active. The basis for our digital program is the connection of participants to friendly volunteers, who video chat with them on a regular basis for social interaction and companionship. The program is suitable for first time digital technology users as all program participants are provided with an easy-to-use mobile device that comes pre-connected to the internet. The program focuses on social connection. Its foundation is a weekly chat with a volunteer visitor, via video call (Skype). These chats provide social companionship and participants are free to talk about anything they wish. Some choose to use the time as a friendly catch up about their current life, hobbies and interests, while others choose to reminisce about their life experiences. The chats happen via the provided mobile device and are arranged between participant and volunteer to take place at a time convenient to both. The one-on-one video chat forms the basis of the program and helps the participant feel comfortable with the mobile device. Once the participant feels ready, they are welcome to join in our other optional digital activities.

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