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Health Connectors are community development workers who act as a bridge between
formal/healthcare providers (GP’s, aged, community and palliative care, volunteer services
etc) and informal care networks; families, neighbours, colleagues, social groups etc. They
help people develop their support networks and end of life planning with people living with
life-limiting illness, especially those who are isolated, vulnerable and at risk of falling
between the cracks.

Health Connectors:
❏ have the time to listen to patients and their carers to find out what is important to
❏ work closely with peoples’ networks, bringing them to life and enhancing them
❏ connect people into support in their community
❏ support patients in managing long-term conditions
❏ assist patients in setting goals and making changes that are meaningful to them
❏ focus on resilience and strengths based practices
❏ Support people and their GP’s with advance care planning
❏ assist with other end of life documents
❏ identify gaps and work with the community to fill them

Areas serviced
Blue Mountains
Blackheath Family Medical Centre
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