Live Well with Dimentia

Do you have dementia? Does someone you know have dementia?

The FREE services listed below can provide support to those living with dementia, their carers, loved ones, and friends.

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Visiting a health professional? Tips for people with dementia

Health professionals can work with you to provide relevant information and to help you decide on the options that best meet your needs. View the resource below to find out more.


Feelings and changes when you have been diagnosed with dementia

If you have been diagnosed with dementia, this help sheet may be useful. It explains some of the feelings you might be experiencing, and some ways to adjust to the changes that dementia brings.


When someone with dementia goes to hospital

This help sheet provides information to make a hospital admission easier for you and for the person with dementia.


Caring for someone with later stages of dementia

This help sheet describes what to expect in the later stages of dementia as a person with dementia becomes increasingly frail, and it highlights some issues that may be useful to consider.


Changes in behaviour for people with dementia

This help sheet looks at some of the common behaviour changes that may occur when a person has dementia. Reasons for the changes and some general guidelines for coping with them are discussed.


Dementia services available for families

This help sheet describes the different services available for people diagnosed with dementia, their families and carers. These include specialised dementia services, health and home support services.


Information for family and friends

This help sheet is designed for people with dementia and their families to provide information to friends, neighbours and others about dementia. It explains what dementia is, how it affects people and ways to help.


Communicating with someone with dementia

This help sheet explains some of the changes in communication that occur as a result of dementia and suggests ways that families and carers can help. It also includes some personal tips on communication written by a person with dementia.


Common feelings when looking after someone with dementia

This help sheet is about feelings commonly felt by families and carers of people with dementia. These may include feelings of guilt, grief, loss or anger. There are services available to you that can help.


Taking care of yourself - caring for someone with dementia

This help sheet is about the importance of families and carers looking after themselves while caring for someone with dementia. It discusses ways to manage stress and the importance of asking for help.