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I use Mindfulness based therapy as the foundation from which all my practice evolves in my work with clients. Mindfulness based practice is both an approach and an exercise and I use both intermittently with other models and they include but are not limited to: Trauma informed approaches, Psychoeducation, CBT, ACT, DBT, somatic, parts work, psychodynamic and mindful self-compassion.

I believe the therapeutic relationship between myself and the client is based on collaborative interaction. As a therapist I provide a safe place in which clients can express and process unresolved feelings. A space in which creative alternatives can be explored to change old beliefs systems that get in the way of growth, movement and functioning.

I work with young adults and adults to address mental health issues, which I view as an interaction between an individual’s capacity to deal with the impact situational events have on them. The work in therapy is therefore to address and strengthen a client’s internal capacity to deal with situational events that occur as a normal part of being human. I believe in using creativity to explore the uniqueness of the individual and from a parts perspective make space for those parts of ourselves we repress, shut out, avoid or loathe. This is done with compassion and validation so that we can learn to be with those parts we are uncomfortable with and learn new ways in which to navigate the events that impact on or mental health and wellbeing.

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Elizabeth Richter
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