The Digital Literacy Foundation provides clients with one-on-one, face-to-face assistance to enable them to confidently and safely use their smart phones, tablets, and laptops.


Our approach has been validated by the Australian government’s eSafety report: digital mentoring offers a proven, effective model for improving digital skills and literacy with sustained results.


Drawing on our proud history of being a community-based organisation, the Digital Literacy Foundation combines a track record with local knowledge and community connection. Since 2015, we have provided free one-on-one, face-to-face digital mentoring, delivered by trained volunteers (“Tech Mates”). We have delivered nearly 5,000 hours of digital mentoring to more than 1,300 Learners across NSW.


We improve access to online information, digital services and communication channels with community, family, individuals, and government by helping people to confidently and safely:


  • Connect with their family, friends and community via video (using Facetime, Zoom, etc).
  • Use online banking.
  • Set up their hardware (printers, etc.)
  • Use health and wellbeing apps and online government health services (such as Telehealth, Medicare, MyGov, and My Aged Care).
  • Use social supports (such as Facebook peer-support groups and other online recreational, social, and educational activities).
  • Other tasks as requested by the client.


Appropriate security measures in place to ensure that both Learners and Tech Mates are safe and supported. All staff and trained volunteers have taken a Criminal Record Check.


There is no charge for our services.

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