Functional Family Therapy-Child Welfare is an evidenced-based Family Therapy program designed for families where a risk of significant harm report exists in relation to a family member and has been shown to reduce this risk and promote better outcomes for families with complex needs. FFT-CW progresses through distinct phases to accomplish specific goals: Engagement/Motivation – includes a robust family assessment and changing the meaning of those relational patterns which have contributed toward a history of risk and harm Behaviour Change – teaching new relationship skills tailored to the referral needs of each family and using the unique strengths and protective factors of the family system Generalisation – applying the skills learnt to new and different contexts, developing relapse prevention plans, and connecting with other services/resources to support the ongoing progress.

NCNS also provides early childhood services such as playgroups, community support such as young pregancy groups, youth groups, Aboriginal Health Services (Closing the Gap) and other cultural groups, breakfast club in Cranebrook

Areas serviced
Blue Mountains
Nepean Community Neighbourhood Services
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