Vera is a carer tool designed to easily incorporate personalised music into the daily routine of people living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. Vera acts like a detective using some basic clues to find the song from the past that are attached to memories. Using AI-technology, Vera helps people with dementia and their carers by playing them “the right music for their mind” by acting as a digital radio with three personalised stations - Relax, Energise and Reminisce. Vera discovers the music you grew up with through a simple questionnaire as part of the signup process, pairing those songs with others that will help maximise positive brain stimulation. This information forms your personal “Music DNA” allowing Vera to find the perfect songs for you. Vera then acts as a digital radio, containing three stations that are each designed to be integrated into the daily routine of care: Energise plays music that gives an extra boost for the day, and helps to motivate. Relax plays music that helps calm the body and mind. Reminisce plays the songs from a listener’s past. It’s looking for those songs that you haven’t heard in years, but as soon as they play you remember every word! These songs open the floodgates for positive memories and emotion, stimulating our ability to recall information and improving our brain health!

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Blue Mountains
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$119 / year
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