Teaching you the truth about how to harness your innate power to heal and thrive. Move beyond your diagnosis/label and discover the root cause of your symptoms and how to feel and function at your best (and this does not require drugs or supplements or expensive equipment or restricted diets or special therapies or gadgets or products - all of it comes from you and will set you free to have full control over your own wellbeing). My name is Amelia, and I am a certified Mineral Metabolism Practitioner and PSYCH-K® (energy psychology, neural re-wiring) Facilitator and I can help you radically transform the way you think about your health, your body, your worth, your life, your potential, and your relationship to everything in your world - so that you can make your life your medicine and never have to search for solutions to your health issues ever again and instead fully focus on stepping into your power and enjoying all the beautiful and fulfilling things that are actually going to bring you back to health (many of which are totally free and accessible to anyone). What I do is radically different to the majority of allopathic, holistic, functional, naturopathic or alternative health practitioners. It requires a lot of unlearning of popular mainstream and alternative health information - all of which focuses on labels (diagnosis and prognosis) and treating symptoms. Instead I teach you the unifying mechanism for ALL symptoms and conditions so you can resolve EVERYTHING with one approach.

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Amelia Ruifrok
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